Memes are images used on social media, usually containing inspirational or funny messages, sayings or quotes. They are very shareable (if you do them right) and can really help engage your social media fans. They work well on pretty much all social media platforms and are quick and easy to create using Canva, PicMonkey, Adobe Spark, Wordswag, Over or any of the other graphics apps on your phone/tablet/computer.

Even if, like me, you are as artistic as a carrot you can still create lovely, shareable images that will boost your engagement BUT you have to remember some important things:

1. You need to create these for your Super Customers. Think about what they would love. What would grab their attention, make them laugh, make them share? They don’t have to be funny, they can be thought-provoking. They are a snapshot of emotion in an image.

2. If you quote someone, give them credit. It’s not cool to steal someone else’s words and claim them as your own.

3. Use images that you have taken yourself OR source from sites like Pixabay, Unsplash or the other free photos sites that allow you to use their images for commercial use. If you use Canva, there are some brilliant templates for FB or Instagram images already available, as well as a bunch of free and $1 images to use. You have no excuse 😉.

4. Think about the things that inspire you or make you laugh and how you can put your twist on them. Think about ‘in jokes’ your customers will get. Look on Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it is this:

Your hashtag is #maymeme

Plan, then create and post a meme each day in May. See which ones your audience loves. See which don’t go down as well. Learn from it.

By the end of May you will be a meme-making queen AND will have learned a lot about your social media audiences while boosting engagement at the same time. It’s a win-win.

You can do this!

Are you joining me for the challenge? Comment below and DOWNLOAD YOUR MAY MEME A DAY CHALLENGE SHEET HERE  

Here is a little How To video to get you started making gorgeous memes on Canva.