V-Books – The Amazing New Marketing Tool

V-Books are the hot new marketing tool and I love them! Why? Because they give every business the opportunity to very quickly AND easily go online and all for free!

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What IS a V-Book?

Well, you’ve heard of E-Books, right? An e-book is a PDF book usually used to teach a topic or subject. It’s made up of text and images and you can read it on your computer, mobile device and even some e-readers.

The problem is, e-books have their limitations. Yes, you can add hyperlinks but other than that you’re pretty much stuck with words and pictures.

V-Books are the next level. The V stands for VIDEO and it brings a whole new dimension to your content.

Unlike E-Books, you can’t download a V-Book. Instead, it’s like a mini-website that you can share. That sounds basic but once you understand the possibilities, you’ll start to get excited as your brain kicks into action!

  • Imagine being able to create a document where you have a video introduction of YOU, talking, saying hello and introducing the content.
  • Imagine being able, instead of showing screenshots, actually being able to walk someone through a whole process online right within the page they are looking at.
  • Imagine being able to explain a concept, or demonstrate a technique.
  • Imagine being able to link to additional resources on your website, or direct people to buy products in your shop, all from within your V-Book.
  • Imagine, and this is really exciting, creating a whole course within your V-Book – with lessons and videos, and even links to Jotform where they can submit questions or answers.

What Could You Do With a V-Book?

Hopefully you’re starting to get a feel for how amazing this could be for your business?

You could create fantastic freebies to encourage potential customers to sign up to your website.

You could create bonus V-Books for customers, to give them stuff to do at home in between sessions with you.

You could create paid V-Books containing lessons or whole courses on a massive range of topics.

You could create dynamic workbooks that explain each concept as you work through them.

Imagine how this could work for your business. Just imagine!

Are V-Books New?

Yes! I mean we have always been able to do stuff like this but the way I do it, I use ONLY free tools and it’s so quick and easy you won’t believe it! Even if you’re not very techie, you can still create these using tools that are available right now.

I’ve created a one-hour class where I walk you through the entire process from start to finish. I show you how to do every single bit. I show you, step by step, the free tools I use and exactly what I do. You could be making your very own V-Book today!

To buy the V-Book class for just £14.99 with lifetime access CLICK HERE

I know you are going to love this and once you learn how to do it, you will quickly realise why V-Books are the future. They are going to be huge and you can be in at the front of the queue, leading the way. I can’t wait to see what you do with this!

Love, Claire xx

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