Your Virtual Shop Window

With online shopping, you have a job to do. You need to show off your products or services to potential buyers without being able to show or demonstrate them in person.

If we can’t see or touch or smell your products, you have to do the best you possibly can to make up for that and the better you can do it, the more likely we are to buy.

If we can’t have you there in person to explain how your service will help us, you need to get that message across LOUD and CLEAR in your marketing.

Whether it’s blogs, product descriptions, videos or social media posts you have to assume we know nothing and tell us why we need to know about what you are selling.

What is it? How can it help us? Who is it perfect for? What kind of people buy it? What feedback are you getting? Who is it helping? What are your success stories? And don’t forget the basics – colour, size, weight, texture, scent, how it feels or works – if they matter to your customers.

You need to be our virtual shop window. If we can’t see it for ourselves, you have to explain it for us without us having to send a dozen messages. It’s up to you to preempt what you think we need to know.

Your website and your social media are the places to do this. When I go to them I want to see what you sell and I want to know if it’s for me – so I need you to do all the explaining and make it really easy for me to buy. OK?

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