You’re Not Made Of Butter (So Stop Spreading Yourself So Thin)

Often when women business owners come to work with me, they are absolutely exhausted. For years, they have tried every idea they can think of to make money, and yet they are still working every spare minute and are STILL broke.

And yet after a few weeks working with me, their fortunes change and their business starts to turn around.

Or as I put it ‘the magic starts to happen’.

What’s the differentiating factor? Well, I will tell you.


All my new ladies know that they haven’t been focusing.

They often have several businesses on the go at the same time, in the hope that they will make more money.

As entrepreneurs they spot money-making opportunities around every corner and are constantly setting up little ‘arms’ to their business to make sure they don’t miss a chance to make some cash.

But what actually happens is that they are spreading their attention too thin, they are diluting the magic and consequently they make LESS money.

If you’re trying to focus on several things, you will do none of them well. As the proverb goes,’chase two rabbits, catch none’.

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Really focus. Like, 100% on just ONE business.

Despite all of your entrepreneurial urges telling you otherwise.

And when you do this, the magic really does start to happen.

Sometimes it takes just a few weeks; sometimes a couple of months. Slowly but surely things start to change.

  • You start to get better results from your marketing.
  • You start to become known as an expert in your field.
  • Word gets around that you’re the go-to person in your niche.
  • You get more clients and you can charge more money.

This really happens!

But only if you focus.

And it takes time. 3-6 months for starters, to get known and get some proper traction in your marketing.

You’re Not Made Of Butter!

I can remember one entrepreneur who had 4 different businesses (all completely different) and was trying to build all 4 at the same time.

One was a coaching biz in the childcare sector, one was to do with helping charities, one was a direct sales business plus another coaching business, in a completely different sector, again.

Her clients and potential clients were totally confused.

They didn’t know who they were dealing with because her name and picture kept popping up in their newsfeed in connection with completely different businesses every few weeks.

As a result people thought that she was flaky – That she didn’t stick around long and so they were reluctant to work with her as a coach.

And she thought that she was creating loads of opportunities to build her business.

Nope, actually she was driving business away.

So I want you to look at what you’re doing with your business.

Are you spreading yourself too thin, with multiple businesses on the go? Are you constantly jumping into new businesses because the opportunity is too good to miss? Have you thought about how this might look to people who are following you and might be considering buying from you?

  • It might look like your main business isn’t a proper business, that you’re just dabbling in it.
  • It might look like you can’t make your mind up about what you want to do.
  • It might look like you’re not a sticker – you’re a fly by night.
  • Do you want these perceptions attached to you and your business?

No, I thought not.

Here’s my advice, for what it’s worth.

Stop hedging your bets. Stop diluting your attention. Stop chasing bright shiny objects that steal your time, energy and money. Give your main business a proper chance, without you getting distracted. Put all of your available energy into your main business for 3-6 months. Focus on marketing it properly. Park any other businesses while you do it. Resist the temptation to ‘just keep them ticking over’ unless you absolutely have to.

Yes, I know you probably love all your businesses and you’ll argue that you don’t WANT to let any of them go. That’s fine, disregard what I’m saying and go do your own thing. What I’m saying, though, is that you won’t get equally good results in all of them because you only have so much time and energy to go around. You probably won’t get brilliant results in ANY of them. You’ll probably get OK results in SOME of them. Is that what you want?

I promise that when you put all of your focus into one business for 3-6 months, spend proper time and energy on your marketing and believe that you’re going to make a success of it – that magic I talked about will start to happen. You might even find that after 6 months you’re doing so well that you have no desire to resurrect your other dormant businesses. We’ll see.

So, if you’re serious about building your business, give it a fighting chance and stop diluting the magic.

Good luck, you’ll be fine!

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  1. Joan

    That’s all fine Claire, but what if the business you really really really love and want to do is not making an income that’s worth much … yet
    Whereas your other small business is just about making some money … which is needed to fund the other business then isn’t it worth keeping both going?
    I’d love to know your thoughts


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